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  • Identify the gaps in your knowledge.
  • Help you fill in those gaps. 
  • Relate material to your experiences and interests in life.
  • Coach you in learning different study methods.
  • Point out your successes so that you develop confidence based on achievement
  • Provide Multisensory Mathematics Instruction for students with Dyscalculia. 
      To make the most of our work together, I recommend that you:

  • Identify specific questions you have from homework, texts, class notes and tests before our session.
  • Come prepared and on time. Bring any material that we may need for your session.
  • Be open to trying different methods of studying.
  • Let me know if there is anything I can do differently to help you more effectively.
  • Listening is very important in my approach to tutoring. To be able to help students effectively, I feel (and the research literature supports this) that I must understand what students already know or have experienced and build upon it (or help them change their understanding if it is incorrect). 
  • Given my extensive experience throughout mathematics, I am also able to identify any gaps in student understanding and fill in those gaps. 
  • I make the steps to solve problems clear (procedural understanding) while emphasizing conceptual understanding. 
  • A common challenge for students is that they aren't able to recognize the type of problem they are faced with because they often are given practice on one type of problem. So to help students prepare for tests, I also help them identify the particular type of problem they are facing on a test.